Mindy Joseph

Artist Statement

Painting is a risky business. It involves listening to my heart and my hands and the paint and hearing when the rhythm of the dialog needs to be continued, when it’s lively and engaged and interesting and when to stop; when that one stroke is enough.

Because I’m such a nomad and wander around the globe, I’m always after a place of “home” in the paintings, of openhearted familiarity that’s expansive and rich and wonderfully mysterious. It has a kind of satisfying complexity to it.

That’s the place I want the paintings to touch in the viewer. It may look a bit different for each person, which is why I often name the paintings enigmatically, but it is a universally recognized experience. It’s a place of curiosity and exploration, of recognizing a kind of internal resonance.



M. A. San Francisco State Univ. – 1975
B. A. University of Florida – 1973

One Person Shows

Gabriola Medical Centre, Gabriola, B.C. – 2018 , 2014
A Frame Restaurant, Gabriola, B.C. – 2011
The Centre Gallery, Gabriola, B.C. – 2009
Twin Beaches Medical Centre, Gabriola, – 2003
Albatross, Berkeley, CA.– 2003
Fairfax Library, Fairfax, CA. – 1999
Tradewinds, Grand Cayman, BWI.– 1997
Tiara Beach Resort, Cayman Brac,– 1996
Brac Reef Resort, Cayman Brac,– 1994
Brewberry’s, Oakland, CA.– 1990
First Federal Savings, Oakland, CA.– 1983
Feiner Associates, Berkeley CA.– 1982

Selected Group Shows

Gabriola Arts Council Tour, Gabriola, BC – 2018 thru 2002
The Hive, Gabriola, BC  – 2017, 2016, 2015
Twin Beaches Gallery, Gabriola, B.C. – 2016
Twin Beaches Gallery, Gabriola, BC – 2015
Artworks, Gabriola, B.C.2014 thru 2002
Oasis Gallery, Bequia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, WI – 2012
GAC Theatre Festival Store – 2011
Arteccentrix Gallery, Grand Cayman, BWI – 2010
Morgan Gallery, Grand Cayman, BWI – 2007, 2006
OffRamp Studios, Oakland, CA. – 2005, 2004
Yew Tree Gallery, Gabriola, B.C. – 2004
Toby’s Gallery, Point Reyes, CA. – 2004
Marin Civic Centre, San Rafael, CA. – 2004
Glow Restaurant, Nanaimo, B.C. – 2003
Kensington Lott Gallery, Grand Cayman, BWI – 2001
Katherine Butler Gallery, Sarasota, Florida – 2001
Kennedy Gallery, Grand Cayman, BWI – 1999, 1996, 1995
Pure Art Gallery, Grand Cayman, BWI – 1996, 1995
Cayfest Exhibition, Grand Cayman – 1996

Tiara Beach Resort, Cayman Brac, BWI – 1996
Cayman National Museum, Grand Cayman, BWI – 1995
Cayman Visual Arts Society Annual, Grand Cayman, B.W.I. – 1995, ’94
Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. – 1992
Pro Arts Gallery Open Studio, Oakland, CA. – 1992 thru 1986
Kersting Gallery, Sausalito, CA. – 1991
Sojurns, Isabel Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA. – 1990
Artists In The Courthouse, Alameda Courthouse, Oakland, CA. – 1990
Multiples/Collectables, Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, CA. – 1989
Local Color, Tracor Corporation, San Ramon, CA. – 1989
Image/Object, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA – 1989
Art In Silicon Valley, 3-Com Corp, Santa Clara, CA. – 1989
Hoffman Gallery, Emeryville, CA. – 1988
Northwind Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. – 1987
American Crafts Council Annual, San Francisco, CA – 1987
Samplings, Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA – 1986, 1985
American Crafts Council, Baltimore, MD. – 1986
Sausalito Arts, Sausalito, CA. – 1986
American Crafts Council Annual, Dallas, TX. – 1985

Relevant Dates and Endeavors

Born in Miami Beach, Florida
Studied in England. First British and European travels.
B.A., University of Florida
Moved to San Francisco, Ca.
Put on my painter’s hat, working primarily in oils.
Wore my “other hat” as an Orientation and Mobility teacher and counselor for visually impaired people.
M.A., San Francisco State University
Travel to Greece
Discovered my love of pastels, shifting my focus to mixed media work.
Sporadic studies at Ca. College of Arts and Crafts and various Bay Area community art schools throughout the upcoming decade.
Paintings shown and collected in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia, Europe and the Caribbean.
Travel to Malaysia and Indonesia, where I was deeply impressed by ikat and batik fabrics. Returned to California and began painting with dyes on silk.
Operated a craft business painting on silk, and selling at countless craft shows
Began scuba diving and travel to the Cayman Islands.
Exploration around the Caribbean, looking for my island home.

Moved to the Cayman Islands.

Travel to England, Scotland, Micronesia, Central America, Mexico, and around the Caribbean
Personal Discovery of Gabriola Island, B.C
Moved back to California.
Worked in oils, pastels, mixed media, and began doing etchings.
“Mid Life Odyssey” to Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.
Bought my sweet home on Gabriola Island, B.C.
Returned to working primarily in oils.
Shows and collectors expanded to include Canada, New Zealand, Australia
Winters in the Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, Bequia, Carriacou and Grenada, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.
Became an official Canadian Permanent Resident.
Started working in Encaustic and Oil on Gabriola, and water based mixed media on my Winter trips.
Travel to Italy, England, and the Caribbean
Travel to Mexico, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the Caribbean
Returned to working primarily in Oils
Winter travel to New Zealand and the Caribbean
Winter travel to the Caribbean and the US
Winter travel to the Caribbean and the US
Winter travel to the Caribbean, Spain, the US
Winter travel to the Caribbean and the US
Amelia Purrheart dies. Internal rumblings ensue.
Winter travel to Paris, Bequia, Cayman Brac, Hawaii and Mainland US
Winter travel to Caribbean, Hawaii and Mainland US
Winter travel to Caribbean and the US


Alongside working in Oils, began working with acrylics in circular format
Winter travel to Caribbean and the US